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Around the turn of the 21st century the National Park Service created 34 self guided tours (3 driving, 24 walking and 7 canoe) for the Blackstone River Valley National Heritage Corridor (BRVNHC). The original tours where released from 1997 to 2003 and then reformatted in 2012. At that time the Anold Mills tour was dropped after my 2009 review alerted the NPS to the site conditions.

The tours and management of the BRVNHC passed to an NGO, the Blackstone Heritage Corridor Inc. (BHC), around 2015 after the creation of the Blackstone River Valley National Historical Park (BRVNHP). BRVNHC tours reformatted for 2020 are avaialble from the BHC Maps, Tour & Guides page, however the Quinsigamond Village tour seems to have been dropped. The BRVNHP has created online and cell phone app versions for three of the tours

I have entered all the tour routes and sites with descriptions into a Google Earth Pro (GE) file you can download. As I take these tours myself I update the information and create little tour extensions in the GE file. If any readers have other information they would like me to include please feel free to contact me.

Some of the driving and walking tours can be visited virtually using the GE street view layer. The table below shows a bar indicating how much is available as a street view. The table also shows if I have taken the tour or extended it and has links to photographs I’ve taken and PDF format tour brochures.

Tour names with an asterisk link to my tour review page. Review pages have links to the PDF tour brochures.

Driving Tours

Review or 2020 PDF PDF Old Versions GE Street View Visited Extended Photos
Central Falls, RI 2012 1999 80%
Great Road, Lincoln, RI 2012 1998 100%
Worcester, MA 2012 2003 90%

Walking Tours

Review or 2020 PDF Old PDFs GE Street View Visited Extended Photos
Arnold Mills, RI* 40% Visited Photos
Blackstone, MA 2012 2005 50%
Blackstone Canal, MA 2012 1997 Not Applicable Visited Photos
Chepachet, RI 2012 2003 50%
Douglas, MA 2012 1999 80%
Georgiaville, RI 2012 2003
Grafton, MA* 50% Visited Photos
Harrisville, RI 2012 2003 100%
Hopedale, MA* Visited Extended Photos
Leicester, MA 2012 2003 50%
Mendon, MA* 50% Visited Extended [Photos
Millbury, MA 2012 2001 10%
Millville, RI 2012 1997 90%
Pawtucket, RI 2012 2001 90%
Providence, RI 2012 2001 90%
Quinsigamond, MA 2012 1999 90%
Rumford, RI 2012 2001 20%
Slatersville, RI 2012 1997 30%
Sutton, MA 2012 1999 75%
Upton, MA 2012 1998 80% Visited Photos
Uxbridge, MA 2012 1997 60%
Valley Falls, RI 2016 2012 1998 50%
Whitinsville, MA 2012 1997 100% Visited [Photos
Woonsocket, RI 2012 2001 90%

River Tours

River Tours Overview PDF

PDF Link (Letter Size) Large Level
Plummer’s Landing to River Bend Farm 11" x 17" Intermediate
River Bend Farm 2 Beginner, 1 Intermediate
River Bend Farm to Blackstone Gorge 11" x 17" Intermediate
Blackstone Gorge to Millville Lock Beginner
River Island Park to Manville Dam 11" x 17" Beginner
Blackstone River State Park to Pratt Dam 11" x 17" Intermediate
Valley Falls to Pratt Dam Beginner