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Blogroll Update

January 13th, 2010 by Paul Hutchinson

I’ve updated my blogroll and linked it to Google Reader to simplify maintaining the list. The following blogs have been added, most I’d been reading for a while but hadn’t remembered to add to my blogroll. OpenOffice.org Training, Tips, and Ideas, Gruts, Allusions of Grandeur, OpenOffice.org Ninja, Skeptical Software Tools, ZooBorns and EFF.org Updates. Actually I think Allusions had been on the list before but had fallen off due to inactivity. I’ve also added a separate category for comic strips that includes these new listings, Jesus and Mo and SketchBlog!.

One blog has changed, Steve of the IntelliAdmin blog has split the old blog by adding Network Steve, read Steve’s explanation here. Finally two blogs have gone silent for a long time now so they have fallen off the list, 95% Of You Are Morons and Hyphoid Logic. I’m keeping them on my readier subscriptions so if they come back I can put them back on the list quickly.

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