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Updated Google Earth Files

April 21st, 2015 by Paul Hutchinson

I’ve not posted much about the BRVNHC here, or on my static site, in the past couple years due to other things taking up my free time. Much of my non-work time had to go towards items related to the death of my older brother in 2013, recovering from breaking my right ankle very badly last August (two surgeries last one at years end, just started driving again last month) and fixing long neglected IT infrastructure. Now that I’m on my own for therapy I’m getting a little free time back so I hope to post updates more frequently this year.

I’ve updated two of the BRVNHC Google Earth files this week. The first is a very minor edit, I added the proposed canal restoration in Worcester to the Waterways file. The other is more substantial and comes about due to my self therapy for ankle/knee recovery. I hiked 3 miles on the Burrillville Bike Path and trails with my brother, my youngest niece and her boyfriend this past weekend. In preparation for the hike I drew the path/trails in Google Earth and then used GPS Essentials to track and document the hike. I’ve added the Burrillville Bike Path to the Bike Trails file and also updated the introductory info for the SNETT.

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Too Many Penn State Students are Amoral

November 10th, 2011 by Paul Hutchinson

It disgusts me that students would want to keep employed a disgusting man who through his unwillingness to act allowed the sexual abuse of multiple children. I guess they feel that football is more important than the safety of children.

There is no valid excuse for Paterno’s actions and no apology can make up for his ignoring the actions of his subordinate. Maybe he thought that ignoring the issue made him a good Catholic Conservative Republican, after all many Conservative Republican Catholics still support the scumbag Cardinal Law who acted the same way around the same time.

Posts by better writers:

This is why I hate college football programs

Does Penn State Actively Condone The Rape Of Children

Penn State Students Riot, Tip Over Van, After Joe Paterno Fired

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Blog vs. Post = Magazine vs. Article

September 19th, 2011 by Paul Hutchinson

I’m getting very annoyed at a re-definition that is becoming popular. Many people on the internet are now using the noun blog to refer not only to a web log but also to the individual posts within a web log. This is just like referring to the articles within a magazine as magazines, it’s ridiculous.

From what I’ve found the trend started with MySpace, rather than have a button that said post article, entry, or page they made their new entry button say post blog.

Everyone please stop trying to confuse the situation, use the word blog as it is defined. Refer to the individual entries in a blog as either, posts, entries, articles, stories, pages or one of the many existing synonyms.



American Heritage Dictionary via Answers.com



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Expanded Bigotry in Fulton Mississippi

April 6th, 2010 by Paul Hutchinson

The Itawamba County School District School Board Members, Eddie Hood, Jackie Nichols, Harold Martin, Clara Brown & Tony Wallace must be very proud today. Their promotion of bigotry against a lesbian student has encouraged expansion of the bigotry to the learning disabled as well. The parents and students have taken the lead and shown their hatred for not only LGBT persons but also the learning disabled by sending them to a separate prom away from all the good Mississippi bigots.

See more of this story at Human Rights Campaign and sign their petition today.

I’m sure the entire staff of the high school is very pleased with the way the community has learned to treat the learning disabled and LGBT teens. It’s the same way they treated non-white people less than fifty years ago, confederate states pride in action.
Itawamba Agricultural High School
11900 Hwy. 25 South
Fulton, MS  38843
Mr. Trae Wiygul, Principal
Mr. Rick Mitchell, Assistant Principal
Mrs. Pam Wheeler, Office Administrator
Mrs. Cindy Johnson, Office Administrator
And the teachers:
Mrs. Blake
Mrs. Bridgett Cash
Mrs. Cheryl
Mrs. Patricia Coker
Mrs. Cooley
Ms. Candi Cross
Mrs. Chamblee
Coach Benji Ewing
Mr. Jeff Gray
Mrs. Holcomb
Mrs. Kristin Holley
Mr. Chris Johnson
Mr. Joseph Jones
Mr. Danny Oswalt
Mrs.Sandy Prestage
Ms. Debra Ramey
Mrs. Cindy Tomlin
Mrs. Dedra Thomas
Mrs. Linda Woods
Dustin Wren

If any of the listed officials publicly denounces this situation then please contact me and I will remove your name from this list of Itawamba County government employees who encourage bigotry.

Other reports of this story:

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I Tried Facebook

February 20th, 2010 by Paul Hutchinson

I signed up for Facebook to LOL at some idiotic comments pointed out by the JREF Forums about a month back. Then I spent some time getting the profile information set up since some of my family was using it already. Facebook finally exceed my tolerance for badly designed web services when I was unsuccessful in adding a profile picture after multiple attempts over 30 minutes this morning. I then tried adding the same photo to my Google Profile and sure enough it took only a few seconds to get it done. So I’ve deleted my Facebook account so that I don’t waste any more time on a badly setup web service which didn’t provide me with useful features anyway.

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Blogroll Update

January 13th, 2010 by Paul Hutchinson

I’ve updated my blogroll and linked it to Google Reader to simplify maintaining the list. The following blogs have been added, most I’d been reading for a while but hadn’t remembered to add to my blogroll. OpenOffice.org Training, Tips, and Ideas, Gruts, Allusions of Grandeur, OpenOffice.org Ninja, Skeptical Software Tools, ZooBorns and EFF.org Updates. Actually I think Allusions had been on the list before but had fallen off due to inactivity. I’ve also added a separate category for comic strips that includes these new listings, Jesus and Mo and SketchBlog!.

One blog has changed, Steve of the IntelliAdmin blog has split the old blog by adding Network Steve, read Steve’s explanation here. Finally two blogs have gone silent for a long time now so they have fallen off the list, 95% Of You Are Morons and Hyphoid Logic. I’m keeping them on my readier subscriptions so if they come back I can put them back on the list quickly.

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Repairs Under Way

January 5th, 2010 by Paul Hutchinson

I screwed up by attempting too many semi-automatic updates to my WordPress, PHP and MySQL. Had to uninstall then re-install WordPress and manually import the data tables to MySQL to get the blog back up.

Hopefully it works OK, if you see any problem let me know by leaving a comment or sending me an email.


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Some updates

June 13th, 2009 by Paul Hutchinson

Ryan is back at 95% Of You Are Morons with some great posts on MLM scams.

John of Stranger Fruit has left Sb for his own space at a simple prop.

The guy in this comic strip must has seen my demotivator, the gals retort is funny.  Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal has been added to my blog roll.

Bob from Travels in the Riel World has another nice blog going now, he’s the North American Travel Examiner for Examiner.com.

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Latest News on the Teacher Fired for Wizardry

January 31st, 2009 by Paul Hutchinson

Via a Google Alert I have seen some news about the Jim Piculas story. Mr. Piculas’ attorney has prepared the complaint for the court. This article from the St. Petersburg Times indicates to me that the School Boards’ attorney hasn’t looked carefully at the the potentially very damaging documents that I wrote about previously.

School Board attorney Dennis Alfonso said he had not seen the lawsuit. He acknowledged that the district made no effort to deal with Piculas after receiving his legally required notice to sue back in July.

"We stand by the internal investigation that there was nothing inappropriate in his termination," Alfonso said.

I still cannot think of any rational explanation for the big discrepancies in those documents. Hopefully, Mr. Piculas won’t take an out of court settlement and let this issue be buried without any explanation. All the local news reports I’ve seen on the web are still not saying anything about the suspicious docs.

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My Web Year in Review

January 12th, 2009 by Paul Hutchinson

I’ve had my web site up for over a decade now and I added the WordPress CMS to the site in October 2005. Until Q4 2007 I hadn’t bothered much about tracking usage on my site but Google analytics made the job so easy I started using it. Since 2008 was the first whole year with data I figured it would be fun to take a look at the stats. This sparked my memory of some of the events over the past year that I thought would be good to review while my memory is still reasonably fresh.

First up the basic stats, around 20,000 unique visitors came from 128 countries/territories and viewed about 35,000 pages. The main browser used by visitors was Firefox (65%) with Internet Explorer a distant second place (26%). Traffic source rankings were, referring sites 68%, search engines 26%, and the remaining 6% were direct traffic.

I want to send a big thank you to the following referring sites for sending visitors my way (ranked by visitors sent):

  1. Phil Plait of Bad Astronomy sent 1,181 visits from this post to my follow up post about the teacher fired for wizardry. This also was the main reason that 7/15 & 16 set the first and second place all time records for my biggest days of unique visitors, 1109 & 621 respectively. There was a mandatory 6 month wait before Mr. Piculas could file his lawsuit so there should be some news about this in the coming month. I’m watching this story and will post any information I find. It still bugs me that no local Florida journalists noticed the likely forged documents and followed up on them, even after I and then Mr. Piculas’ lawyer pointed them to the docs.
  2. Orac from Respectful Insolence sent 131 visits via my comment on his Dr. Katz post. I hope people had a good laugh at my funny granting of Dr. Katz’s wish on June 18th.
  3. Martin the Lay Scientist sent 129 visits when he hosted the 92nd Skeptics’ Circle and included a post of mine in that edition of this great blog carnival on July 31st.
  4. Bug Girl sent 93 visits when she thanked me with a link for letting her know about the PBS Nature 2007 season opener. Although Bug Girl’s post and mine where at the end of October 2007 the visits where from January through April 2008, go figure.
  5. Phil sent 56 visits to me from his old site on May 12th when he gave a tip o’ the sonic screwdriver to me
    for pointing out the BBC overreaction to some knitting patterns from May 12th.
  6. Tyler from PowerUp sent 54 visits spread pretty evenly throughout the year.
  7. Greg Laden sent 38 visits from his post to my post about the chemist in Marlborough on August 20th.

A thank you also goes out to ER for using my old demotivator in an October post at Evolved and Rat/i/onal, I like to see someone make use of one of my creations. That image is responsible for nearly a third of my total page views, I guess ranking fourth in a Google image search helps. Finally thanks to all the Bloggers in my Blogroll for giving me a year of entertaining and informative reading.

Next up the content that was most popular for 2008, I’m excluding the pages that contain the popular image I mentioned above. (value is unique page views)

  1. The main site and blog home pages combined had 2865 views.
  2. What’s up with that school wizard story”, 2022.
  3. Happy Birthday Michael Faraday”, 882. I think this was more for the picture than the text.
  4. Full Screen Playback of a Whole YouTube Playlist”, 516.
  5. The Linksys NSLU2, aka the Slug, has been discontinued”, 334.
  6. A professional chemist doing for profit chemistry is not a hobbyist”, 294.
  7. Spectacular Windmill Failure”, 291.
  8. A Quack who admits it”, 189.
  9. An Acrobat Reader alternative”, 180.
  10. Cell Phone Jammer Foolishness”, 162.

The pages that visitors spent the most time on where: (value is time in seconds)

  1. "Full Screen Playback of a Whole YouTube Playlist", 339.
  2. "A professional chemist doing for profit chemistry is not a hobbyist", 231.
  3. "Custom quick launch pop-up menu for XP", 211.
  4. "What’s up with that school wizard story", 181.
  5. "The Linksys NSLU2, aka the Slug, has been discontinued", 156.
  6. "Embarrassing Engineers #3", 149.
  7. "Cell Phone Jammer Foolishness", 148.
  8. "A Quack who admits it", 148.
  9. "Happy Birthday Michael Faraday", 130. Hmm, maybe someone is reading the text.
  10. "Freedom of speech under attack by Joseph Chikelue Obi", 117.

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