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Test Graphics
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Due to the rise of cell phones and tablets for viewing web pages, the developer tools of modern browsers now have functions to view a page at different screen resolutions built-in. For Firefox (still my favorite) you press Ctrl + Shift + M to enable the Responsive Design View function.

PS - I promise, someday I'll make this site mobile small screen friendly.

Updated Information

I now use a better method for checking out how pages look on different size screens. I have bookmarks that automatically resize the browser window. Simply create the link (favorite/bookmark) in your toolbar folder with the URL/Location as "javascript:resizeTo(X,Y)" and the name as "XxY". Make X the screen width and Y the screen height minus 30 (the task bar height). Here's the Locations/URLs from the picture.


Here are some images to use for checking window widths.

Adjust your browser window size so that the image fills the window. This gives a good feel for how much of a web page lower resolution PC users will see.

These pictures try to take into account the screen space lost to the Windows9X/NT/2000 taskbar and Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator toolbars and scrollbars.

The background is a 50x50 grid with a line width of 1 pixel.

610x284.gif (3453 bytes)

779x411.gif (3957 bytes)

800x600iefs.gif (6608 bytes)

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