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Back in the early eighties my employer sold the Solar Luna Clock that was manufactured by the Schelling Corporation. When they were discontinued I got one of the left over units for free. It is a reasonably accurate clock (+/-2 minutes/year) with two movements, a normal 24 hour solar time movement and a 24 hour 50-1/2 minute lunar time movement. The solar movement is attached to an orange ball representing the sun which you can see in the picture below. The lunar movement is attached to a smaller silver gray ball representing the moon which happens to be behind the sun in the picture. The lunar movement gives approximate tide times and the relative position of the two movements gives the phase of the moon. The picture was taken near a new moon so the moon is obscured by the sun.

While it is a fun clock it has always bugged me that it was showing the sun moving around the earth. After all mankind has known that the sun doesn't orbit the earth for a long time. So I corrected the flaw by removing the orange ball and attaching the earth picture with an added pointer to the solar movement.

Now the clock feels right, the sun is up above the 12 noon mark at the top, the earth rotates with the pointer being a "you are here" marker giving the time of day. The lunar ball, visible in the picture above, rotates around the earth falling 50-1/2 minutes behind the marker every day until the earth pointer catches up and passes during the new moon.

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