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The National Park Service has created 34 self guided tours for the Blackstone River Valley National Heritage Corridor (3 driving, 24 walking and 7 canoe tours). I have entered all the tour routes and sites with descriptions into a Google Earth (GE) file you can download. As I take these tours myself I update the information and create little tour extensions in the GE file. If any readers have other information they would like me to include please feel free to contact me.

Some of the driving and walking tours can be visited virtually using the GE street view layer. The table below shows a bar indicating how much is available as a street view and, whether I have taken the tour and added extensions. The table also has links to, photographs I've taken, the National Park Service PDF brochures and the National Park Service pages for the tours.

Tour names with an asterisk link to my tour review page. Review pages have a link to the NPS tour brochure.

Tour Location

Google Earth

Paul Hutch

City, State

Street View

Visited Extended Photos
Driving Tours
Central Falls, RI      
Great Road, RI      
Worcester, MA      
Walking Tours
Arnold Mills, RI*

Blackstone, MA      
Blackstone Canal, MA Not Applicable

Chepachet, RI      
Douglas, MA      
Georgiaville, RI        
Grafton, MA*

Harrisville, RI      
Hopedale, MA*  

Leicester, MA      
Mendon, MA*
Millbury, MA      
Millville, MA      
Pawtucket, RI      
Providence, RI      
Quinsigamond, MA      
Rumford, RI      
Slatersville, RI      
Sutton, MA      
Upton, MA  
Uxbridge, MA      
Valleyfalls, RI      
Whitinsville, MA  
Woonsocket, RI      
Canoe Tours
Plummer's Landing
to River Bend Farm
Not Applicable      
River Bend Farm Not Applicable      
River Bend Farm to
Blackstone Gorge
Not Applicable      
Blackstone Gorge
to Millville Lock
Not Applicable      
River Island Park
to Manville Dam
Not Applicable      
Blackstone State Park
to Pratt Dam
Not Applicable      
Valley Falls to
Pratt Dam
Not Applicable      
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